Men’s Breakfast at Emley hear about Men’s sheds

DSC_0162On Saturday the 3rd of July I was invited to a Men’s Breakfast held at the Parish Church in Emley. St Michael’s Church has installed a kitchen and replaced the pews with comfortable seating so made a fantastic venue for the Men’s Breakfast.

The fully full fry up was accompanied by a choice of cereals and juices and included: bacon, sausage, hash brown, eggs, tomatoes and toast and was prepared by a very competent group of volunteer chefs. At first I thought they where the chefs from the local pub they were so professional.

After the meal I had the opportunity to show a couple of video clips about men’s sheds and answer any questions about developing a shed.

Video Clips included Better Shed than Dead and A Men’s Shed Story from Australia 

Following the meeting I have been contacted by one of the men who was present, a retired engineer who is interested in developing a men’s shed specialising in metal work.  If you live in the Emley Flockton area and are interested in a men’s shed then do get in touch with me at Rural Action Yorkshire by clicking HERE and I can put you in touch.

Or if you fancy enjoying a big  fry up on the first Saturday of the month then contact the Church by clicking HERE.







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