Wilton Park Duck House: Made by Shed Man


A few months ago the Duck House on the island in Wilton Park in Batley was destroyed; this was bad news for the park and even worse news for the Ducks.  Fortunately  a member of the Friends of Wilton Park    Alan Shaw took things into his own hands and with the support of the Kirklees Parks Department retreated into his shed and made a wonderful new Duck House.  Timberland on Bradford Road donated the wood and Batley DIY on Commercial street sold the other materials at reduced cost to keep in budget.

Commenting on this Alan Shaw said that “All men need a shed to make things like this”

If you’re a man and want to be involved in making things from wood for the local community and live in the Batley the Pakistani Kashmiri Welfare Association in partnership with other groups is developing a Men’s Shed project at their Manor way Community Centre. For details of Men’s sheds elsewhere see  the UK Men’s Sheds Website.

If you would like to be involved in further projects to maintain and improve Wilton Park or other parks in north Kirklees contact Patrick Crowley on 01484 221000.  The Parks and Green Spaces in Kirklees is also a good place to find out what’s going on.

Picture shows  Alan Shaw (right) with Patrick Crowley of Kirklees Park Department (left) with the new Duck House just before it was replaced in the Island.



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