Could Clayton West Former Baptist Chapel provide a venue for Making and Creativity?


The Trustees of Clayton West Baptist Chapel are looking to secure the future of the building for the local community, building on its tradition as a Baptist Chapel and a place of creativity.

The chapel was originally established by a group of local residents, many of whom were involved in creative industries such as clog making, and subscribed to a fund to buy the land and build the Grade II listed chapel.  When the chapel was still open one of the popular activities was peg rug making, as well as being a practical exercise in making rugs, this provided an opportunity for people to socialise as they engaged in creative activities together.

This shows that such a venue would build on the theme of Clayton West being a Centre of Creativity see Facebook page:  Made in Clayton West  and YouTube video on the Clayton West Open Village day

Currently the chapel is used by a local drama group to store costumes and props from former productions.  The trustees hope that the building will be available for a variety of creative uses, including use by the drama group and perhaps a Men’s Shed and/or a She Shed.

Anyone interested in the idea of the chapel being a venue for creative activities should contact Robert Barber on 01484 861197 Email:





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