Batley Men’s Shed Group have walking stick making class


The Batley Men’s shed group this week received a walking stick making class from Chris Thomas of Ossett.  Chris has been making walking sticks for years and is keen to share his skills with other men.

The group of men from Batley who are forming the Batley Men’s shed group were fascinated by what Chris had to say and highly praised his craftsmanship.

One stick they all liked was a standard cane stick which had been beautified by revealing the wood grain using a wire brush and then staining with a dark wood stain.

They group is now planning on replicating this by collecting pre used walking sticks from charity shops and they each will work on their own projects.  With just a few visits to charity shops in Batley they now have enough stick for the their first session on Monday the 6th of February.

They will then meet each Tuesday at 10:30 at the Pakistani Kashmiri  Community Centre on Manor Way in Batley to continue with their projects.

Any other men who are interested in joining in can just turn up for the session or for more information contact FIaz Rashid at the Centre on 01924 422786   or

No prior experience or tools are required, just a willingness to make new friends and join in with others in this creative activity.






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