Keeping Activate is key to Keeping our Minds well

In a recent conversation with Zoe an Occupational Therapist (OT) she was explaining what the role of a OT was all about.  A couple of phrases stuck in my mind.

“If we can not do things we become unwell”

“When we become unwell or stressed its often the things that we most enjoy that we stop doing first”

This reminded me of the benefit of the men’s sheds particularly for men who like to do practical things like wood work, metal work and tinkering with bikes alongside like minded blokes.

The is perhaps the reason why the Men Shed movement has taken off so quickly in the UK, so that within just a few years there are over 400 men’s sheds with over 9000 individual shed members and new sheds opening at over one a week.

For details of local men’s shed see the UK Men’s shed website which can be found HERE


Members of Denby Dale Men’s Shed preparing the work shop for their new Men’s shed






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